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ordering christmas ham

We are pleased to now finally offer a Christmas ham ordering service. We have the opportunity to pre-order cooked hams to help celebrate the festive period with friends and family. All we need is a little notice in order to get your chosen ham. Each ham varies slightly in weight as no two hams are identical, so we can give you a reasonable idea of price but it won't be exact until the ham arrives in shop and we weigh it off.


How to order?

1) Simply have a look at the photo's below, choose which one you like the look.

2) Decide which size best suits your needs.

3) Fill in the contact details below, 

Once the order is placed, we will contact you to discuss collection/delivery and to take payment.


Success! Message received.


SHROPSHIRE BLACK - A beautiful ham, covered in molasses, juniper berries and spices and left for 2 weeks to slowly marinade. The result is an intensely flavoured ham. Perfect for a special occasion.

SMOKED WILTSHIRE - Our favourite, Smoked Wiltshire. Perfect for Christmas Eve or Boxing Day sandwiches/salads. This ham is lightly smoked with the addition of brown sugar for a little hint of sweetness. A must try!!!

ST GEORGE - The St George is a lovely sweet ham, glazed with cloves and citrus, giving an almost marmalade quality to the top. A favourite all year but at Christmas it really lends itself to the festive season.

WILTSHIRE - Dukeshhill submerge their hams in their special brine and then remove to mature for a further week. The resulting ham has a lovely mild flavour, and a moist, (but never wet!), texture. The addition of unrefined brown sugar to the recipe adds a subtle sweetness to this mild and delicious ham.
Perfect to add your own glaze at home!!

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