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Appleby’s of Hawkstone, Cheshire


Notes: Crumbly, with a little acidity.


Cheshire is reputedly Britain’s oldest cheese, pre-dating the Romans, but production almost stopped entirely. Lucy Appleby brought the cheese back in the 1950s, and it remains the only raw milk Cheshire.


We wanted to offer our customers something a little different from the traditional crumby white Cheshire and so we opted for this. Appleby’s Cheshire is both crumbly and different, most notably due its reddish/orange colour (due to addition of annato).


The use of unpasteurised milk elevates this cheese from other variants of Cheshire. The clean, fruity taste it leaves on the palate is something we’ve not been able to find elsewhere and one of the reasons we insist on stocking it in the shop. It pairs perfectly with French bean or tomato chutney.


Applebys Cheshire

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