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 About us... 

The Olive Tree Delicatessen opened on the 4th May 2016. 


It is an independent shop located on the high street in the market town of Mold in Flintshire.

I opened the shop after a long career in Sainsbury's as a food safety auditor (10 years) and then as a Regional support manager (8 years) focussing on the Deli, meat, fish & pizza counters. My love for deli products began here.

Inside the Olive Tree Delicatessen

Mold (Y Wyddgrug) is a beautiful historic market town located in North Wales. We are surrounded by fantastic scenery and countryside and within easy travel to Manchester, Chester & Liverpool. We have a retail market on the high street every Wednesday & Saturday along with the cattle market near the bus station throughout the week. 

If you would like to know more about our wonderful town or things to do, then click on the link below;

With such a diverse setting, we have an abundance of local suppliers and producers to choose from. Sourcing integrity, food standards, hygiene standards; quality; animal welfare/husbandry; sustainability and ecological approval and environmental impact are important issues for us at the shop and are key factors on deciding whether to stock a particular supplier/product. so on that basis please be assured that we do our best to provide our customers with some beautiful but very well researched products.



2017 Countryside Alliance Awards


2019 Farm & Deli Show - WALES

Finalist (1 0f 10)

2019 Farm & Deli Show - UK

Finalist (1 of 5)

2021 Farm & Deli Show - WALES


History of the shop

The building we use has a long history. Prior to us renting it in 2016 it has been; An RSPCA charity shop; Victoria Wine Off- License; Carpet shop and then Irwins. We know that Tesco's closed the Irwins shop around the late 1960's, but the picture opposite dates back to 1930. In fact, we still have customers that recognise relatives in this very picture.

The photograph is our shop (left side) and then 1/2 of Mold Book Shop (right side) and just like today, sold bacon, cheese, butter and general groceries. 

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