We will provide 3 x 175g of Cheese each month from the huge selection both available to us and from within the shop. The cheeses range from Cow, Ewe or Goat using both Pasteurised and Unpasteurised.

To ensure they arrive in perfect condition they will be packed well with ice packs within the box itself.

175g is enough for 2 adults to enjoy 


With such a huge selection of cheeses, its common sense to hold a large selection of crackers to compliment them. We will send you a cracker type that best fits that months cheese selection. Typically we use crackers from the Fine Cheese Co, but we have (and used) many other varieties.

Chutney / Pickle

We have 2 main Chutney / pickle suppliers in the shop, one local (Mostyn Kitchen) and the other from the Bath area (Fine Cheese Co). Both offer very unique flavours to suit various cheeses and are delicious.... for example did you know that Runner Bean Chutney suits White Stilton Cheese?

Tasting Notes

With your parcel of goodies, we will provide you with some tasting notes, wine pairing suggestions and also a little background on the cheese itself.

We love Cheese and want to share our passion with you, so our tasting notes are based on our experiences and flavour/pairing combinations that we have successfully brought in during our Cheese & Wine evenings in the shop.