Suitable for Vegetarians: NO

Type of Milk: COWS

Pasteurised / Unpasteurised: Unpasteurised (made with raw milk)


We take our commitments to customer safety extremely seriously and we always strive, through our food safety procedures, to ensure we sell safe food. Our Cheese’s, Cured meats and many other open food products require special preparation and handling and whilst we can guarantee our processes are robust, we must point out that products are prepared in a working kitchen environment where Gluten, Nuts, Seeds, and unpasteurised products are present.

Baron Bigod Cheese

  • One of our absolute favourites in the shop…so much so, that we do not sell Brie de Maux anymore. This cheese is produced on Fen farm in Suffolk and made first thing in the morning using the warm milk from the Montbeliarde Cows. It is the only traditional raw milk “Brie de Maux” style cheese produced in the UK. 


    The cheese itself has the traditional white rinded appearance you would expect from a Brie. Its texture once eaten can be described as smooth, silky and very creamy with notes of mushroom andt he unpasteurised nature of this cheese gives it a strength which is (in our opinion) far superior to that of its French counterpart.


    Wine Pairing:

    We have enjoyed this cheese during our Cheese & Wine evenings with both Red, White and even Champagne or prosecco. Our recommendation for Red would be a full-bodied Burgundy or possibly a classic French Claret although on certain occasions we have found a Pinot Noir works well. On the White side, we have matched it with a crisp dry German Riesling or Chilean Sauvignon blanc.


  • ·  All cheeses/meats will be cut by hand to best accommodate the chosen size, however as they are cut by hand we cannot guarantee to match the chosen weight precisely. They may be over or slightly under.


    · We guarantee that all products leaving the Olive Tree will be in excellent condition when passed to our courier for shipment. We will not be liable for any damaged stock/products that arrive at the customers address. If you receive any damaged goods then please contact us immediately.


    · Products will arrive dated with a “Use By” date and must be adhered to accordingly. Products that require refrigeration will arrive under temperature-controlled conditions. It is the customers responsibility to manage both the temperature and date of the product from the point of delivery. As part of our due diligence, all perishable goods will leave the shop at the correct storage temperature and with sufficient shelf life.


    · The majority of our stock is perishable and cannot be returned unless specifically directed to do so by the Olive Tree Delicatessen. For non-perishable products which are required to be returned, they will be returned at the customer’s expense and, provided they are returned in good condition within 10 working days of original receipt, a credit will be issued for the price paid.


    · As the stock is from the shop, from time to time we may have sold out of the selected product before the online order reaches us, in which case we reserve the right to substitute the product with either something equal or superior. Similarly, if we believe the quality of product is not good enough, we will not send. If this occurs we will contact you to inform of the situation and arrange a substitute or refund.


    · If the customer has requested delivery with “Additional Instructions”, it is imperative for the quality and temperature management of the product that it is not placed in direct sunlight or in a place where the packaging may become damaged.


    · If you are unhappy at all with either with your product(s) or experience please contact the Store Manager within 24 hours on 01352 744949 of delivery.