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Fen Farm Dairy, Suffolk 

Notes: Earthy and full-flavoured, with protracted finish.


A cheese in the style of Brie de Meaux, made by Jonny Crickmore at Fen Farm. From the cutting of the curds to using the traditional pelle-à-brie ladle, everything is done by hand.

This cheese is made first thing in the morning using the warm milk from the Montbeliarde Cows. It is the only traditional “Brie de Meaux” style cheese produced in the UK.


The cheese itself has the traditional white rinded appearance you would expect from a Brie. Its texture once eaten can be described as smooth, silky and very creamy with notes of mushroom. 


Baron Bigod

  • Wine Pairing: We have enjoyed this cheese during our Cheese & Wine evenings with both Red, White and even Champagne or prosecco. Our recommendation for Red would be a full-bodied Burgundy or possibly a classic French Claret although on certain occasions we have found a Pinot Noir works well. On the White side, we have matched it with a crisp dry German Riesling or Chilean Sauvignon blanc.


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