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A soft fragrant salami which is cured in salt and hung to mature which allows its flavour to develop. This Salami is coarsely minced and when sliced thinly, melts in the mouth leaving behind a delicate taste of garlic!!


In order for you to enjoy the product at its best, all size variants are cut on the slicer based on the appropriate thickness which we deem right for that product. All slices throughout our cured meat range will be appropriately separated to prevent slices sticking together. As Slices are cut by hand, approximate weight may be slightly under or above the amount selected. Separating sheets are included in the weight of the product.


Cured products have not received any heating or cooking. They have been matured and cured naturally and when handled must considered to the consumer.



Not suitable for Vegetarians

Sopressa Veneta (Garlic)